Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Come on in!!

THIS is the gorgeous staircase in the foyer. Try to see beyond a couple of years worth of dust, and even more years of it not being cleaned much. Look way beyond the lovely red linoleum tiles that have only partially been removed.

I can hear my knees popping and creaking already, as I run (ha!) up and down the stairs, what will undoubtedly be ten thousand times. I will know it is my knees, because the stairs don't make the first squeak, even when the boys (some bigger than others) travel up and down it while working and carrying heavy tools.

Yesterday, we were sitting on the porch talking, and Hershel was flipping channels, and we happened upon This Old House. Can you guess what they were doing? Cleaning an old staircase! We learned how to do it by watching the experts in renovation. Here we thought we would have to strip it, sand it and stain it, but nope! That's a last resort.

I can't wait to see this staircase cleaned, restained and polished. Wanna bet who gets stuck cleaning all those spindles with strips of cloth, toothbrushes and dental floss???

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  1. Thanks for giving me all of that information on the purple beautybush! That was the first time I've ever seen one. It was breathtakingly beautiful! I just love purple! lol

    I love This Old House! Well, the old ones with Norm. You can learn so much from them. Your old house is beautiful. Love your steps. There is nothing better than real wood on the steps.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. Oh my...this house is going to be so wonderful when you all get finished with it!

  3. After renovation this soon will look a new house. Nevertheless, it looks great and classic.
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